Small Things You Can Do To Exercise More

1 juli 2021

Excercising... To most people that doesn't sound like music to their ears. So many people spend the day sitting behind a desk, wether it's at school or at work, so a little exercise here and there often loses out. As summer is around the corner and we all want to get more fit and healthy, take a seat (oops!) and read through some tips below on small things you can do to get more exercise out of your day.

Take your (or someone else's) dog for a walk
Dogs are not just the best pets and man's best friend... they keep you fit too! If you already have a dog, go for a walk more often. Your dog will love you for it and both you and your dog will get more exercise. If you don't have dog of your own, ask your friends or neighbours to walk their dog. The best and most fun way to walk an extra mile!

Take the stairs
This one seems so obvious, yet so many people choose to take the elevator instead of the stairs. Sure you don't have to walk 8 floors by stairs, but at least a few steps will provide a good work out! Walking stairs is great for your lower and upper legs and it easily gets your heart rate up, especially if you take a sprint.

Skip the car and take the bike
Help the environment and your health at once by taking the car less often. For shorter distances, the bike is a great alternative to get you from A to B. Cycling is not only a great work out for your legs, a bit of cycling out in the sun and fresh air is also gonna make you feel relaxed and refreshed!

Go for lunch outside
If your job requires you to sit (inside!) all day, make sure to avoid eating your lunch while sitting down, too. Instead, go for a walk outside while you eat your sandwhich or walk even farther with colleagues and have lunch somewhere else, You'll probably have to pick up the pace to be back in time again, so you'll turn your lunch break into a small work out.

Park farther than you need to
If you do want to take the car, don’t stress over trying to get the closest possible spot to your destination. Instead, park farther away than you need to. You’ll get in some extra walking on your way to work or the grocery store.

Take calls standing up
If you spend a lot of time on the phone at work, or talking to your friends for hours, use that time to get off your chair and stretch your legs. Walk around or go up and down the stairs... You can spend that time talking much better than just sitting down!

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