REVIEW | Vinada Alcohol Free Sparkling Wine & Rosé

9 april 2019

REVIEW | Vinada Alcohol Free Sparkling Wine & Rosé

As a true wine lover, I was very excited when I came across a press release in my mailbox of the non-alcoholic Vinada wines. I really enjoy a wine with my dinner or during the weekends, but as we all know: alcohol is not that great for you. I try to stick to two to three glasses of wine a week, but sometimes - especially on special occasions - it's just too good to pass up on! Imagine my joy and curiosity when I was sent two bottles (a white wine and a rosé) to try and review for you😋

First of all, it's good to know that Vinada wines are available in and outside of The Netherlands, as well in stores as online. Go and take a look to see if Vinada Wines are available in your country :) When I got a box of these wines in the mail, I was so excited to try these wines. They look REALLY good. The packaging itself looks very fancy, like an actual bottle of wine. After I chilled it in the fridge for a while, I tried the white wine first.

Like wine, but also like champagne
Pouring the non-alcoholic wine into my wine glass, I noticed that it's a sparkling wine (which was on the label, but I was too curious to read the label before tasting it) There are actual wines that contain alcohol and that are sparkling as well so nothing strange here... Then it was time for some proper smelling (hey, as a true wine lover, I follow all the steps involved in a good wine tasting). Sniff sniff... Yup, smells like wine! Also a little bit like apple juice, but just a teeny tiny bit. Then I took a sip and I instantly thought it tasted like a combination of wine, champagne and apple juice. Or perhaps the Jillz ciders. It's a slightly sweet and refreshing.

The funny thing is, I drank this like I would drink an alcoholic wine - with small sips. It just feels like you're drinking wine, instead of some sort of soda. I really enjoyed it! And what I enjoyed the most? No single side effect of alcohol! If I had to choose, I do prefer an alcoholic wine, just because it's got a stronger taste and of course, the 'real' wine taste. But for an alcohol-free wine, this comes super close! The Vinada wines are actually wines and had the same wine making process ( it's not just grape juice, haha), but the alcohol has been removed out of it. The wines come in 200ml bottles, but I really wish they would be available in 750 ml bottles.... I read on their website that they're developing new flavors and considering bigger bottles too, so fingers crossed! 

Why Vinada alcohol free wines are great!
✅ If you're pregnant and would like to have a wine, it's perfect!
✅ Great option for drinking at a party and being able to drive home
✅ Can't consume alcohol (anymore) for medical reasons? Vinada is perfect for you!
✅ Vinada wines contain less calories than regular wines

As you can see I also received a sparkling rosé, but I haven't tried it yet. I was so enthusiastic about the white wine that I decided to post this review already. Want to hear my thoughts on the rosé as well? Make sure to follow me on Instagram - I will share my experience in Instagram stories :)

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