Make Your Social Media Post Stand Out By Using Fonts

3 april 2019

Make Your Social Media Post Stand Out By Using Fonts

In a time were algorithms may not be on your side, it can be hard to make your post stand out in your followers timelines. Sure, striking images or videos can help you get someone's attention, but there is something else you can try. Something I've been doing for a while now - and I can tell you already: it works! I'm talking about using a different font to stand out from the online crowd.

You've probably noticed that all posts in your timeline have the same font as every other post. The only thing you can really stand out with is using emoji's, images or video's. But have you ever seen those nice fonts that people use in their Instagram names and profile descriptions? There's a website called Lingojam that allows you to enter text and it will convert the text to a few different fonts. You can then copy-paste your text in a nice font and put it in your Instagram bio, for example. But you can also copy-paste that text into your Facebook or LinkedIn post.

I usually only enter the headline of my post in a bold or italic font, that makes it obvious what your post is about in a glance. Just entering the headline of your post in a different font is enough to grab your followers attention, instead of posting your entire text in an italic/bold font. Here's an example of how I make my social media posts stand out by using a different font.

Go ahead and try it for yourself๐Ÿ˜Š

Make Your Social Media Post Stand Out By Using Fonts

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