27 juli 2016


Hi lovelies!

It's good to be back to blogging, I feel like it's been ages since I wrote a proper article haha. I just started my 3d week of internship and it's been amazing so far! I'm doing my internship in Amsterdam which requires me to get up at 6AM and travel a total of 5 hours a day, with not a lot of spare time.. But it's totally worth it! A while ago I got an email from Uzuma in the Netherlands and they asked me if I'd like to try their brand new cold pressed green juices... Since I am really making an effort to eat healthy with my insanely busy schedule, i said YES please! 

I was pleasantly surprised when I received a box of frozen Uzuma green juices. I started reading the leaflets right away because the first question that popped up was: 'how does this stay fresh for 21 days?!' Well, that's because they use a special technique: coldpressing the drinks, which is why they are frozen when you receive them. I didn't put them in the freezer, just the refridgerator;)  

Uzuma is all about healthy vegetables and fruit, and lots of them! They add nothing extra to the green juices, meaning there are no preservatives, fragrances, colourings or flavourings. All their vegetables and fruits are slow juiced which allows you to benefit from maximum vitamin and mineral retention. And that's exactly what I want! All Uzuma green juices are sold separately, but you can also enjoy all of your favourite Uzuma juices as part of one easy package. Uzuma offers green juice programmes; these are for losing weight, balancing your weight, a fit and healthy lifestyle and a detox programme.  I didn't want to do a specific programme, I just wanted to drink the juices to stay healthy and energetic during a hectic second week of internship. I must say, when I had my regular smoothies during the first week (from the supermarket, they contain added sugars and other stuff like E-numbers that we really don't need!) i felt tired and hungry again after 5 minutes. When I had my first Uzuma juice I felt energetic and I didn't crave anything the entire morning.  I do have to admit, i didn't like some of the juices, the green ones in particular. Those often contained cabbage and brocolli, while the orange ones ('Shine' was my fave) contained carrots, apples, orange and lemon for a much fruitier taste. However, i think it is an AMAZING invention and the best way to quickly get a the nutritients and vitamins you need for a healthy lifestyle. I've heard from people on Instagram that they've tried this too.

If you have, let me know what you think! If you haven't, tell me what you think of Uzuma? Would you try it?


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