5 juli 2016

OMG. Remember my post about my sneakers from EliseStore that I thought were even BETTER than Nikes? Well,  Dutch webshop Elisestore has definitely made it to my #1 favorite online shop, because they recently introduced a work out wear collection, and it's just as fabulous as all the other stuff you'll fid on there♥ Can you believe the total cost of my work out set is only €27 euros?? 

I got this steady sports top that's padded and it has got these cute pink straps on the back. Perfect for when I go running! And then these 'Work Out' leggings.... You just gotta love these! They make a statement while you work out, and I really love the stretchy material too. It's like working out in your pajamas :)

What do you think of my new favorite work out outfit?

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