New stuff

6 december 2012


All the new stuff

My two big H&M orders haven't arrived yet, but here are the other new things I got this week. I promiss I will stop spamming my own blog with ''omg Isabel Marant sneakers'' because this  is the 3d or 4th day in a row that I wrote about them. But I didn't have a good picture of my new pair so here it is:)
I decided to buy some simple crystal earrings because I usually either wear long ones or no earrings at all. My grandmother also gave me a pair of vintage golden ones, which I love to wear for special occasions. I've got a great L'orรฉal blusher, I'll show how gorgeous and shimmery it looks in a new makeup post or video. I've also got a new silk jacket, pink snakeskin phone sleeve and a new bracelet:) Likey likey?

Enjoy your weekend!

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