Touch of blue

1 oktober 2012

 My sister and I took these pictures while we were enjoying the beautiful fall surroundings .. We didn't get a good picture of my 3d pair of Isabel Marant sneakers, but there's a picture of them in my previous post. I think I am hooked, I will probably be wearing these every day. They're so comfortable and the wedge heel is great but totally invisible:D Do you know that weird feeling you get when you walk in regular sneakers after wearing high heels for a while? Yeah, that weird waddling-like-a-duck is not something to worry about with my IM sneakers. 

I've been wearing a lot of dark colors lately- maybe that's because of the fact that it's starting to get really cold and sober in  Holland.. It's almost freezing at night! My cobalt blue blazer was way too cold for today but at least it brightened up my look. Enjoy this post!

H&M blazer and jumper, Oshily legging, Isabel Marant ko sneakers, Oshily bag, Seven45 necklace

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