18 december 2012


I am an absolute sucker for luxurious skincare like body oils, as you may know;) Double Beauty sent me a bottle of Monoï Oil, which is the beauty secret of Tahiti! For centuries, the beautiful women of Polynesia have used Monoï Oil to moisturize and condition their skin and hair. Yes girls, this is an oil that you can use for your skin AND hair! ♥

The ingredients are cocos nucifera oil, gardenia tahitensis flower, perfume, and tocopherol. No paraben or other preservatives, so no allergies not even for the most senasitive skin. This moisturizing oil nourishes, restores and protects skin and hair. The hair benefits from using Monoi Oil and it can be used daily on dry and damaged hair, focusing on the ends. 


That is what I've been doing for the past 3 days, and I feel a major difference, Since my the ends of my hair are bleached to ombre, they get dry and tangle a little more than usual. So you could also give the hair an intense deep treatment by using the oil as a hair mask, before shampooing. 

The Monoi Oil can also be used as body oil, massage oil and even bath oil for its relaxing scent and moisturizing effects on dry skin! You know what I did? I replaced it for my night cream. I apply a little bit on my face, massage it and then go to sleep. I don't know of this is actually true or if its just between my ears, but the lovely scent makes me feel calm and relaxed, so it's perfect before going to sleep;)

Check out the Double Beauty website to see how you can order, also outside of the Netherlands / Europe:)

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