15 februari 2018

 Vita Coco Coconut water!

I've been paying more attention to a healthy lifestyle lately. Especially since I will start my new internship soon, which will take up a lot of energy. I've learned that the best energy comes from a combination of good sleep, excersise and most importantly: good food. That's why I'm cutting down on sugar, processed foods and anything with E numbers that your body doesn't need anyways. As a major Coca Cola and Red Bull addict, drinking healthy is harder for me than eating healthy. Especially because I don't drink water. I know, sounds crazy to everybody, but I really don't like water. So, imagine my excitement when I got sent a package of Vita Coco Coconut water!

100% pure coconut water is said to be the most hydrating, refreshing, vitamin- and mineral-rich nectar. It is a great source of potassium and it is fat and cholesterol free. The best way to hydrate naturally! The flavors I got are Natural Coconut water, Coconut water with peach & mango, Coconut water with Pineapple and Coconut water Lemonade. As I already expected, I did not like the 100% natural coconut water. It's a very sweet liquid with a nutty taste, and I don't like the taste of nuts. The other flavors are pretty good and fruity, with less of a coconut taste. My favorite is the one  I'm enjoying on the photo above: Lemonade! All the fruity tastes come from purree, so it's real fruit and no added flavors. I'm happily surprised about these nutricious drinks, I am definitely going to add them on my daily super healthy menu!

What do you think of the Vita Coco coconut drinks? :)

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