5 things in life you learn as you get older

28 oktober 2016


As we get older, we all go through different stages in life... Perhaps you've come to the conclusion that you're in the middle of your quarter life crisis? Read all about the signs here. Or perhaps you just feel way more (or less!) mature than you used to a few years ago. Growing up or growing older; they can both be pretty challenging times of you life. But there are also good things about them: the great life lessons you learn along the way! Read all about them below.

1. You're responsible for your own happiness
Nobody can live your life for you. It's up to you to make the most out of it and be responsible for your own happiness! Isn't that an insanely powerfull thing to realize? YOU are in charge. Don't like the way things are going with your work, your friends or your life? You can make the change for yourself.

2. You'll make goals instead of excuses

It was always so easy to make up excuses for not doing things or not feeling responsible when we were younger, right? Excuses aren't going to get you anywhere;which you will realise as you get older. Sometimes you just gotta do things and set goals to achieve them. You always learn from the goals you accomplish.

3. You'll get over your fears

Fear is totally normal. Though, as we get older, we must let go of our fears to move up the ladder and sometimes learn things the hard way. Life is full of dificult decisions, but as we grow older (and sometimes a litte more sensible, hah!) we have less trouble facing our fears which allows us to accomplish greater things.

4. Your health is important

Remember your teenage years when you could easily go out every weekend, drink everything you want and feel totally fine the next Monday? Big change if you'd repeat a weekend like your teenage years, you'll end up feeling exhausted, sick and so-not okay to go to work. That's when you realize that after a certain age (this can be different for everyone) the choices you make about what you do in your weekends or how much or little you sleep will affect your health. #Not17anymore.

5. True friends are few. Value them.

You may have many friends when you are young but once you grow up and everyone goes their own way, that number will go down and only the true ones will remain. So cherish them. Those friends will be the friends you'll have for life.

Do you recognize the things above? And are there more things in life you have learned as you got older? Share your thoughts in the comments :)

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