Outfit : brunch date

17 augustus 2012

 Today's outfit:  this is what I wore to a lunch/brunch with my parents, grandparents and sister! I wore my new super-comfy H&M sweater ..the one I  had been chasing for for 2 weeks ( every time I checked the online shop it was sold out, but I was determined that it had to be available again some day soon) and finally when I checked the online shop at 4 AM, it was available in my size! Yes, I make that much effort for a sweater. 

Before I keep going on about my sweater, the title of this post refers to something else I just purchased...
I kept looking for a nice big bag that I could wear to school, work and my upcoming internship. A classy, musthave bag.. Of course the gorgeous Cèline bag (Luggage Tote) caught my eye before, but the price tag was a little out of my budget.. I found out about a new store in town, which sells all kinds of clothes and bags from new, small brands.. And what did I find? A pretty good look-a-like of the Cèline Luggage Tote! The price was reasonable so this baby had to be mine. I feel like the luckiest girl on the planet with this new addition to my closet!
P.S. My shop will be updated tomorrow, and what's better than starting the new year with a big sale?? Stay tuned!

H&M coat, Mango scarf, H&M sweater, La Fayette Paris skirt, Wolford tights, Blink via Hypebazaar boots, LucyCo bag

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