Outfit Geeky Glasses

3 juli 2012

I don't think you've seen me wearing my glasses on the blog often.. I actually only wear glasses at home, or when I really don't feel like wearing contacts.. Today was like that, I wanted to give my eyes a rest.. I often automatically go for a cute but geeky school girl look when I wear my nerd glasses.. (picture this look with a full skirt, see?) But to make it less sweet I threw on my most loved item..Leather pants! :D Oh, and wearing pumps was the biggest mistake of this year so far.. it was SO cold, I would normally say "It's worth it" but trust me, today it wasn't =P

I am going to write some articles/guestposts for other blogs and fashion platforms! Since I enjoy blogging and writing so much, I thought it would be cool to do something different.. Keep an eye on my TSC featured in page, I will add the websites for which I have written articles later this week..

Have a great day!

H&M sweater & blouse, Hallhuber leather pants, Matalan pumps, Oshily bag, Six earrings, YSL arty look-a-like ring from Ebay, Chelsea Jewelry ring


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