So green

4 maart 2011


Leather jacket, found it on a Spanish market, green top: H&M, skirt H&M, belt Pieces, bag New Look, Shoes ASDA, ring Primark

Hi everybody!
I hope you all had a nice weekend? My weekend was filled with doing homework, so not ideal :( I'm so  ready for vacation now :D But, just 3 more days of school, then a week with tests, and then..VACATION!

I hoped my sister would go with me to run some errands, and take outfit photos by the lake.. Too bad she couldn't go with me and I don't want to ask a stranger haha! Too bad, the weather was perfect and I really wanted to take some nature shots too, the lake is so beautiful!
My deeear sister brought me this cute Primark ring from London, I love it, it's adorable :D

Since I've fallen in love with Chanel nailpolishes, I wanted to buy Jade green from Chanel, but apparantly no store near where I live has it (yet).. I found this one from Catrice, and I love this color just as much =D

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