New bag+Yesterday's look

13 april 2011

Got surprised at internship today; the office closed at half past three.. Of course I know what that means: shopping time in the city! As soon as I got this bag a few weeks ago, I knew I needed wanted another one.. These Italian bags are SO amazing! There are only a few of each bag in the store (and there are only 2 of those stores in the entire province)... Plus, they are real leather .. Beautiful details, too.. I could go on forever XD I also got myself a new dress, wich I will combine with my new bag and leather leggings.. Curious yet =P? I will shoot some pics of the look tomorrow!

These photo's were taken yesterday.. I love love love these baggy jeans from Primark.. I haven't worn them for so long.. Having to wear neat clothes for my internship, makes me wanna wear ripped jeans and everything I'm  NOT allowed to wear during the week..
I am going to England in May again, and I am sure I will find another pair of baggy jeans at Primark.. And lots of other stuff at New Look, Bershka, Next.. ♥ I'm off, dreaming about my  (shopping)trip to England...

Bag: Carbotti
Wearing: Oshilly blazer, Matalan top, Primark jeans, Vintage bag, Mims pumps, Ray-Ban sunglasses

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