Army chic

7 mei 2011


Lately I've been collecting more and more army green things, like these jeans and snake printed heels.. Wearing this today was a good excuse to pull out my green Ray Ban sunnies because I never wear them unless there's another green detail in my outfit =D You know what I think would look really great??? Army green nailpolish, like this one (L)

I was SO excited to buy my new camera today, and I couldn't wait to take pictures with it! The menu is really extensive so I didn't have time to figure out if there's a focus thingy to get the background blurred out,  but I am already happy with the photos without the focus! The picture of me in the garden looks as if I used some photoshop to make all the colors stand out, but that's sort of built in the camera, its simply amazing! Here's my newest addiction CAMERA 

I also thought I should wear more black nailpolish, because hot pink or red doesn't go with everything, and I don't wanna have to paint my nails every day:p Chanel's 219 Black Satin is the best black nailpolish I've ever had, so I thought; why not buy a camera ànd nailpolish today?! I think I am allowed to spoil myself since my sister is on holiday in London and I couldn't go with her haha:p Poor me!!

Primark blazer, Primark purse, NEXT jeans, Matalan pumps, Ray Ban sunnies, Primark bracelet, New Look earrings

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