Time flies

14 juni 2011

I have spent the last week with a lot of studying, doing homework and working, working and even more working. Everything goes by so fast .. school is almost over, and I'm 18 now, which makes me feel like I shoul be more grown-up while I'm not =p  I can hardly keep up ..

Another thing that I can hardly keep up with is my blog ..I wish I had more time to update.. I still love blogging (duuh =p) , but I just wish my photo quality was better. My camera is about a million years old haha, and I've been promissing myself a new camera for half a year now.. But this time I mean it, I am going to get myself a new camera soon, yay!
Here are some quick pics of my outfit today!
Wearing H&M boyfriend blazer, H&M oversized peachy top, New Look flower, Zara skirt, H&M tights, ASDA heels

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