Stripes ootd

13 januari 2011

I went out with my sister today, running errands and taking these shots later :D

The ducks at the lake were really scaring me, I didn't expect they would come so close and bite my sisters foot hahaha! I wore my favorite baggy jeans from Primark today, they're super comfy and cute with heels:D I first wanted to go with my all-stars but because I'm already so small it looked weird :p Plus, I've been wearing heels non-stop and I can't walk normally with flat shoes on, it's more like a 'waddle' =P
I better log off now and start studying for my tests tomorrow!

Shoulder padded top: Tallyweijl
Bag: Mattalan
Belt: Pieces
Jeans: Primark
Heels: ASDA

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