17 december 2010


As I said in the About my style box on the right, music can be my inspiration on what to wear.. I´ve been listening Taylor Momsen´s band The Pretty Reckless for a while now, and I´m starting to love the wild-rock-and-roll-style !  Plus, I've always wanted to try smokey eyes, like really GO for it because I always failed and I ended up looking like a clown. I think today was the first time it really worked, and I love it combined with my ehrm.. messy hair ;) This lace top has hung in my closet for a long time, because I thought it was a bit too much. Or just too little fabric.. Well, today it was actually nice to feel like I wasn't wearing a top underneath that hot leather jacket because it was HOT outside, didn't see that coming.. obviously lol.

Leather jacket
Lace top: Spy London
Pants: New Look
Studded boots: Van Haren
Belt: Primark

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