Full & Natural Eyebrows With Castor Oil - This Really Works!

10 juli 2018

Full & Natural Eyebrows With Castor Oil

It's crazy how quickly trends in make up and beauty change nowadays. It wasn't too long ago when thin, drawn on eyebrows where hot and happening. Then there were (and still are) the 'Instagram' brows, followed by the latest brow trend: full, natural, bushy brows. But what if you're not blessed with brows like super models Cara Delevingne and Kaia Gerber, for example? I tried a beauty oil that's known to promote hair growth... let me tell you: it 100% works! 

Fuller, thicker eyebrows with Castor oil
As soon as I read about castor oil being really great for growing out your eyebrows (or eyelashes) I decided to give it a try. It's important to only use 100% castor oil, which is a bit thicker and yellow-ish of color. Some castor oils are mixed with other oils, so you won't get everything out of the product. Pure castor oil is unusually rich in ricinoleic acid which helps improve your blood circulation, more than any other oil would do. That results in nutrition for the hair follicles, but also much stronger strands and less breakage.

How often should you apply Castor oil?
At first I forgot to use castor oil every evening, so I did it about 2 or 3 times a week. Later on I made it a part of my night routine and I literally applied it every single night before going to sleep. I simply applied a decent amount of oil on top of my brows and gently rubbed it in, so that all the hairs and the roots were covered. After about a week of doing this every night, I noticed a major difference! My eyebrows started growing back in places where there were bald patches before, and the hairs came back so much thicker. After about 3 months my eyebrows were so much thicker that I finally stopped drawing them in. Nowadays I still apply castor oil to my brows about once or twice a week, because they're actually starting to get really bushy... I trim the edges now, which I never thought I'd have to do to my brows!

All I do now as far as my brow routine goes when applying my makeup, it brushing some dark brown mascara through the hairs to make them a little thicker and keep them in place. I honestly love this natural, thick brow look on myself, and it saves me a lot of time in in my make up routine as well. So, if you're looking for a cheap and easy way to grow out your brows, get your hands on a bottle of 100% Castor oil and within a few weeks, you should see major results😃

On the left: what my brows looked like before - vs what they looked like after makeup

My natural brows after using Castor oil

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