27 oktober 2015

It's no secret: the key to a radiant, flawless skin is using a primer. It's like painting a house, you use a paint primer to create a smooth surface so the paint stays on better. Using a primer makes your skin smoother and as a result: your foundation stays on for hours and wont smudge or stain after a while. This is the first face primer I've ever used (I used Gosh eye primer before) and I decided to make a review about it.

Etos Skin Smoothing Primer is a transparant primer that promises to make the skin look and feel smoother, it conceals blemishes and it can be used after your day cream, just to make your skin look smooth and radiant. But us girls will probably use it as it is meant to be used: as a base for your make up.

The product is packed in a pump bottle, which I think is better because that is the most hygienic way to keep bacteria out. Besides, one pump gives you the exact amount you need for your entire face.
I like to use this after my day cream, it only needs seconds to dry and so does my day cream ;) Then I apply my make up like I always do. Usually, I need to fix my make up within a few hours because I get a shiny forehead or nose, and sometimes it gets smudgy. Since I've been using the primer the foundation lasts ALL day and I hardly have to do anything anymore to keep my make up pretty.

Doing my make up is even more fun! I wanna go for dramatic smokey eyes, bold lips and perfect blusher every day now, not just for a party. I know my make up will last all day when I use the primer, it really does make a great difference.

Tip: if you're using a lipliner like me, also apply some primer on your lips. The lipliner will stay on perfectly!

PS. I've been thinking about writing in both English and Dutch. English as the main language, a short summary in Dutch below. Please let me know what you think about this in the poll below. :)

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