19 juni 2015


Today I have something very cool to show you lovelies: a soak off gel nail set from Madam Glam! I was very excited to try this product because I haven’t tried gel nails before, let alone do it myself! Madam Glam Soak-Off gel polish is a 3 step gel polish, so you will need the base, color and top gels. I got the cutest baby pink color ever called Angel Wings♥ According to Madam Glam you can use any UV or LED lamp to cure; cure times are 2 minutes for UV and 30 seconds for LED. I got an UV lamp with my set so my cure time was 30 seconds. The lamp switches off after 30 seconds so you'll cure the gel for the right amount of time!

Application: Application of these polishes is an absolute dream! The base gel is very easy to work with, it goes on thin and smooth. Since I have false nails and I apply them myself, sometimes the transition of my false nail onto my natural nail is visible when wearing normal nailpolish. When I applied the bsae coat the surface of my nails was soooo smooth! The gel color itself is a little thicker but also applies smooth and easily. Go for a thin coat, as on the first nail I didn't and it did not fully dry.  The top coat is like a thicker version of the base gel, it goes on very smooth and glossy and it is the shiny finishing touch to your gel nails. Unlike some random gel nailpolishes, this topcoar dries to a hard and shiny finish! I noticed that it really keeps my false nails in place!

Removal: The gel polish should be able to stay on for up to 4 weeks, but as I wanted to do a full review, I removed the gel after a week to try and see how that goes. I roughed up the surface of my nails to break the seal and then used acetone for removal.  After 10 minutes of soaking it was easy to push the gel polish off! I forgot to take pictures of the removal process, but it was super easy:)
Madam Glam offers a complete beginners set that included 1 Magical Pocket led lamp, 1 Gel Top Coat, 1 Gel Base Coat and 1 color that YOU choose from $104 for $62,90! Considering you can do tons of manicures with the beginners set in the comfort of your own home, it's a deal that's very hard to resis! Also, at orders over 40 dollars Madam Glam ships worlwide for free:) Let me know what you think and if you're gonna try it!

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