FEATURED: Grazia nr.21 Make-Under

10 oktober 2013


FEATURED: Grazia nr.21 Make-Under

My magazine debut; I'm in this weeks' Dutch Grazia! About 2 months ago, I spotted a tweet on Twitter from the Grazia: they were looking for girls/women with a huge love for make up. True make up addicts who were willing to do a make under. Three girls (including me) were chosen to do this challenge! From all over the top make up to barely any make up left: here's the scan of my make under.

One thing that imidiately caught my eye was that they got my name wrong! For such a big magazine as Grazia that's a pretty stupid mistake. The 'before' picture was taken from my blog (the one from the shoot wasn't used obviously) and since my name is also visible on my blog, they should have just gotten it right. Nevertheless, I think it's awesome that I'm in this magazine and the reactions I got so far were really nice.

Personally, it feels really strange seeing myself that natural, it's like that's not even me. It felt uncomfortable, and I was worried it would show in the pictures. Given the circumstances that I had very teary eyes from the make up remover and it was sooo cold on set; I think the picture turned out okay. It was a fun experience and it was good to see myself in a natural look. As I said in the interview: my motto is more is more, and I'm gonna stick with that. To me it doesn't matter if one wears a lot of make up or no make up at all; do what makes you most comfortable. For me, that's wearing make up!

I'd translate the article into English for my foreign readers, If I'd have the time, which I don't :( I am so so stressed and worried about deadlines and school projects so I'm gonna make this a short post and get back to my homework! In the mean time, enjoy this post! Let me know what you think of my make under:D

----------------------------------------------------Dutch version--------------------------------- -------------------------

Mijn tijdschriften debut! Ik sta deze week in de Grazia !(nr. 21) Ongeveer 2 maanden geleden las ik een tweet van de Grazia dat zij op zoek waren naar vrouwen die in de make up zaten en een make under wilden ondergaan. Dat leek me wel wat! Ik werd met 2 anderen uitgekozen voor de make under: van een opgedofte make up look naar au naturel, zie hieronder de scan van mijn make under! 

Jammer dat ze mijn naam verkeerd hebben, dat is niet zo professioneel van een groot tijdschrift als Grazia. Ook worden mijn quotes aardig overdreven...Maar dat mag de pret niet drukken; ik vind het heel gaaf dat ik in de Grazia sta en ik vond de make under een erg leuke ervaring! Ik ben benieuwd wat jullie van mijn make under vinden :D

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