Review: Shielo Leave-in Protectant

10 september 2013

Shielo sent me this leave in protectant spray with UV protection, especially for styling! I was so happy that Shielo approached me to test this product; I was just looking for good hair products since my hair is dead and damaged because of the daily blowdrying and straightening/curling :p I tested this product for a week, and I can honestly say that I LOVE it! My hair looks visibly healthier, it has more shine and it's in better condition now.. I especially used it when I washed my hair, I sprayed the product on my hair and combed through it. I already noticed a difference when I blowdryed my hair: it didn't get static at all.. I have used hair straigtheners and lots of hair products like I usualy do, but it seems like my hair isn't suffering from it anymore! It feels and looks better, people even started asking me what I did to make my hair look this good.. 

The product is clear, non sticky and it smells good, a bit coconut-like ...I am very impressed, so I guess this leave in protectant is for keeps! You can find it here !

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