Guilty Pleasure ... Spaghetti Donuts!

12 oktober 2018

No boring green salads or super foods today, nope... we love life and with that comes enjoying the good food, right?! The guilty-pleasure type of food. If you want to impress your friends or family with a more extraordinary version of spaghetti, these crispy spaghetti donuts are the ideal recipe! And if you know how to make spaghetti, these donuts are super easy to make, too. There are just two ingredients you need to add to your spaghetti (and make sure you've got a donut tray) to make these spaghetti donuts.

This recipe was created by Pop Pasta in New York and their spaghetti donuts are taking over Instagram. They say their famous spaghetti donuts are great as a snack during a picnick or lunch break as they're not as messy as pizza but definitely just as tasty. When dressed with a salad on the side, these would be great for dinner as well. Yumm! If you want to make these yourself, you can make any type of spaghetti you want, with olives, tomatoes, other veggies etc. Once your spaghetti is ready, all you have to do is pop it in a donut tray, apply some egg wash and cheese on top and bake it untill it's crunchy! So easy 😋

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