Genius tip to stop craving sugar

6 januari 2017


You know you've got a sugar craving when your mind goes "I need chocolate RIGHT now"... Or a donut, or an entire bag of marshmallows. At that moment your body is just craving that quick boost of energy that simple carbohydrates give you instantly. But that peak will soon be over and you'll feel less energetic, so your body will start craving sugar again. It can be really hard to break that circle, but just our luck, super model Adriana Lima shared her tip to avoid sugar cravings! 

No, it is not a certain kind of pill, detox tea or anything else what many celebrities have been promoting on Instagram lately. It's an all natural product that we all have in our kitchen: honey! Yes, starting your day with  a cup of tea or coffee with a little bit of honey in it will directly stabilize your blood sugar levals, according to the super model. Adriana personally goes for a drop of honey in her cappucino, but feel free to add a little natural sweetness to any kind of coffee or tea.

So there you have it. Another well known tip from many celebrities (queen B Beyonce does this too) is drinking hot water with lemon and honey, which not only does the trick as well, but lemon is also a great detoxer. But if you prefer coffee over hot water in the morning, you know what you need to add; a little honey, Honey.


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