Long hair in just minutes? Here's how!

18 augustus 2016

Long hair like the Disney princesses we looked up to as little kids... Isn't that what we secretely still want? It's called: Luxury for Princess. This is my personal favorite hair extensions brand that I have been wearing for 3 years now. Which you wouldn't know, unless you used to read my blog (I shut down it down last week). But let's get back to the Disney princess hair I was talking about...

Luxury for Princess offers the most amazing 100% Remy (a.k.a: the best quality) hair extensions on the marktet. The sets vary from 120 grams and 20 inches for thin hair, to 320 grams and 24 inches for thick hair. The colors? Those options are endless! There are all sorts of blonde, brown, red and black, but as it's human hair: why don't you just dye it to make the extensions match to your natural hair perfectly?

The set I am wearing below is in the color Buttescotch blonde. It is the Supreme hair extensions set, which is 320 grams and 22 inches long. The hair is super soft, shiny and thick from the roots till the ends.

The set consists of 9 wefts with silicon-strip clips on them, so they are secured perfectly on to your natural hair. The Princess Supreme 320gr set is my favorite set by Luxury For Princess, that is why I wanted to let you in on my hair secret. Also, don't forget to use my discount code MALU5 for some cash off if you order your own set of hair extensions, so you can look and feel like the Disney Princesses from our childhood!

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