22 januari 2016


I've been obsessed with sunglasses for such a long time, I've literally got over 35 pairs of sunnies. However, I still managed to score 3 amazing models that I did not have in my collection yet. For my Dutch readers, you're gonna love this webshop called The system is so cool! Your first pair of sunnies is 15 euros, your second one 11 and your third one will be 9 euros! Every time you order 3 sunglasses, you will only pay 30 euros. I love the concept of each pair of sunglasses getting cheaper as you add more to your basket. But enough talking writing, I am sure you're curious to see my new sunnies??

The first one is my favorite. I've already posted it on Instagram a few times because I love the cool shape of these (Blaster).

The second pair  I chose are these tortoise sunnies (Stayfarer), similar to my Ray-Bans but with more brown tones in it. This is one so nice to wear when the sun is shining super bright!

Last but not least: classic black sunnies! (Wayfarer) I love this type of sunnies, this shape suits pretty much anyone:) Which ones are your fave?

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