16 januari 2019

It's every girls dream to have long, silky locks like the Disney Princesses we fell in love with when we were younger. The most popular hair extesions brand on the market, Luxury For Princess, offers just that! With their wide range of remy (human) hair extensions in tons of different colors, you can give yourself that princess look in an instant.

I've been wearing Luxury for Princess hair extensions for 4 years straight. I've tried many different brands in the mean time, but I always get back to my favorite brand. These hair extensions hardly shed, they stay smooth and they are super thick from roots to the ends. High quality and nothing less, which gives you value for your money. I also received the Luxury Storage Hanger, which is ideal to store your hair extensions when you're not wearing them. Also great for travelling!

The set you see below is the thickest set on the market! It's 320 grams of hair, which is a lot! If you wanna go for that glamorous look you can wear them all at once - the weight is spread out over 9 wefts so you won't find it too heavy- or just wear a few wefts for length and volume. I got the color Light Brown, which is a great match with my own hair.

If you want to get yourself a set of Luxuries, make sure to use my discount code especially for you! MALU5 will give you a sweet discount on all sets of hair extensions. MALU15 will give your 15 euros off hair styling tools like the Luxury Flat Iron Styler.

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