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5 juli 2017

Hi everyone! It's been quite a while since I last posted here on BLES Magazine. If you follow me om Instagram, you've probably seen some photos of me on top of a vulcano, at the beach and near some amazing historical buildings... in Sicily! I've been on holiday for 2 weeks and ever since I got back I've been extremely busy at work, so that explains me being MIA on here. But hey, I'm back! With some amazing sunnies and a discount code to share with you! was so kind to have me pick out some new glasses online. I decided to go for some new sunnies for the summer. And they also thought of you, as they gave me a 50% discount code to share with my readers. You'll find it below this review. I picked out the Herbert Rectangle and the Edith Round sunglasses, as I didn't own a pair similar to these yet. I'm quite a fan of sunglasses, so these are a great addition to my collection. What I love most about these glasses?

The actual glasses are crystal clear! You know those random sunglasses they sell at, let's say.. H&M? Or Forever21? Sure the frames are super stylish, but the glasses are often plastic, made out of lower quality and providing darker vision. These on the other hand, are high quality glasses that are actually just as clear as my Ray-Bans or D&G sunnies. But the price is so much better. And to make it even more affordable, you should definitely use my discount code GSHOT50 which is 50% off for all eyeglasses and sunglasses, with the exception of sales frames.

The variety of glasses and sunglasses over at is major, they even offer prescription sunglasses, too! Make sure to check out the webshop and use my discount code for some cash off your order. You're welcomešŸ˜‹

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