9 november 2016


Hi all! I am sorry for the long time no see. Been super busy with internship last week, which is all very exciting though :) I've been so busy that I have totally missed all the packages that arrived for me last week, haha. Luckily my parents pointed out the stack of packages for me, including one I was looking out for a lot! You know what I am really obsessed about? Ray-Ban sunglasses. I've had my green Aviators for a while now and I thought it was time for a new pair of Ray-Bans.. Keep on reading to find out which ones I got!

I really like the Wayfarer shape, so after scrolling through the major collection on Sunglassesshop, I picked out these Tortoise sunglasses. They're black / brown-ish so they go with basically any look, which I think is very important! The glasses are pretty dark, which I love, since light glasses are cute, but I do want actualy protection from the sun. 

It's been very clouded in Holland the last couple of days, but today the sun in shining, woohoo! I have to go to work (only 2 more times after today!) so I'm gonna rock my new shades on my way to work;)

Have a great weekend everybody!

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