Off to Rome

2 mei 2012

While I'm writing this post, I am stressing out because I'm going on a schooltrip to Rome from Monday till Friday..and there's SO much to do before I can leave Monday morning. Packing my suitcase has always been a disaster, and so it was today: fashionable dilemma's and not-knowing-what-to-wear... But, I succeeded and I even have a little extra space left for new purchases:)

I'll probably wear my new over sized knitted jumper again when we fly to Rome Monday, because it's SO comfy! And warm, pretty important too, since it can get pretty cold up in the sky ;)
I won't be updating the blog next week (at least no picture-post)  because I can't use a laptop and my phone is not an option... and I probably have no time because I'm enjoying the beautiful ROME ♥ Don't wanna miss me? :p Follow my Twitter to keep updated :D

P.S.  please keep voting for me to become FollowFashion's new guestblogger, while I'm gone;) You can vote once a day:D
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H&M jumper, boots & blazer, Hallhuber leather pants, DIY earrings

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