082211 outfit + mag scans

8 maart 2012

I had a huge post planned for today, but unfortunately my camera thought different.... I had to take the outfit pictures with my old camera, excusez moi if the quality sucks XD Glad I got the close-ups with my good camera! :)  Todays look was actually quite simple, but sometimes, simplicity is key  

My mom told some colleagues at work about my blog, and one of them gave her this amazing magazine for me! So sweet! (Thank you if you read this! :) I actually never heard of this glossy magazine before, but it's aaaaahmazing! It's like Vogue, Grazia and Elle in one♥ There was too much that I wanted to share, but here are a few scans ;)

Zara top, Senses Paris skirt, Primark heels

 My new favourite magazine!
 Featuring my  favourite fashion blogger Andy from Style Scrapbook ! Such a cool interview, have fun reading if you're Dutch ;)

 Musthave indeed! Gorgeous bag and heels ♥
 Prints prints prints!

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