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31 oktober 2010

This is probably the most comfortable blazer I've ever worn! It's not made out of the usual, typical blazer fabric.. It's the same sort of fabric as H&M hoodies, which are also very comfy.
I was so lucky to score these snake printed leggings because there was only one pair left, in my size, and incredibly marked down : )

I've searched every store for minty green, or jade green nailpolish (like Chanel) but I couldn't find what I was looking for.. So I figured I had to be creative, so I mixed a fluor green, light blue and a white nailpolish together, and this is the result. I actually like my own version better than Chanel's nailpolish :

Tallyweijl blazer
Sutherland top
H&M skirt
C&A leggings
Leather boots

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