Read my 2nd nose filler experience + warning about the MAJOR side effects that occured this time

Yes, you read it right😏 I had a non surgical nose job (fillers) a few months ago, and I am so happy and confident about it, I wanted to share it with my readers after all. Why now? Because at first I thought: I did this for me, not to promote the procedure or to promote the clinic that did it,  and I didn't want people to be maybe negative about it while I was in such a happy bubble about my new nose. But lately I've been thinking and here's why I decided I actually SHOULD share my story:

1: It changed my life and made me 100% confident, so perhaps me sharing my story can help others with this insecurity, too!
2: I hear a lot of people about surgical nose jobs. Perhaps because, like me, they think a drastic and permanent operation is their only option.
3: Plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures should not be a taboo or awkward subject in my opinion, so let's talk about it more!
4: I am proud of myself for actually doing what I've been wanting to do for years. So that is why I decided I difinitely should share it . It's gonna be a long story, because I want to explain how and why this has had such a big, positive impact on me. Keep on reading if you're interested😀

"In just 10 minutes time, everything that bothered me for 10 years, changed."

Why I chose to have a non surgical nose job: a broken nose
When I was 13, I was on holiday in France with my sister and my parents. I was playing outside with other kids chasing each other, when I tripped and fell, hitting my nose on a wooden bench. OUCH. All I remember was blood pouring out of my nose and me being in the worst pain I'd ever felt. At the end of the day I could breathe through my nose again so we initially thought it was just badly bruised and the swelling and bruising would go away. Over the next weeks, I noticed a bump appearing on my nose, so I started to suspect I broke it back then. I thought: well if that's the case, what can be done about it now? Probably nothing, so I literally just went on with my life. It did start to bother me, but I thought I would grow past that one day.

In highschool, I got bullied for the first time because of the bump on my nose. A few kids in class would call me 'the nose' or stare at me for ever and when I'd ask them what they were looking at, they would say 'that bump'. Especially at that age, it's the worst feeling. Also, people would ask me what my ethnicity was (which I essentially didn't mind). When I said 'I'm Dutch' they would often say: oh you don't look western at all, but I guess it's because of your nose'. So people actually noticing the bump on my nose and other kids making comments about it made me even more insecure than I already was. Over the years I told my parents I wanted to get the bump surgically removed and from the first time I mentioned it, they were 100% okay with it, because they knew how much it bothered me.

Because I was so inscure about my nose, I would want to emphasize other features of my face to make the nose stand out less. Heavy makeup, major fake eyelashes,  I even got lip injections because I thought having big, pouty lips would draw the attention away from my nose.

Fillers instead of surgery
When I got my lips done 2 years ago, I asked the doctor if there was a way to make the bump in my nose less visible with fillers. He said that it was a very new procedure and that it wasn't suitable for my nose because the bump was too severe. So again I thought: I'll just have to save up for surgery. But in March this year, I was watching a tv programme with my mom where they perform cosmetic procedures to help people with their insecurities. In that episode, they helped a girl straighten her nose with fillers, and her nose looked just like mine! That's when my mom said: if that is still what you want, pick up the phone first thing in the morning and let's make an apppointment. What if it is possible at this clinic? So I called the next morning and scheduled an intake.

The intake
During the intake I asked if they could see if my nose was indeed broken years before, as we assumed. The doctor said there were actually TWO fractures that caused my nose to grow so crooked,both the side and from the front, which is what often happens when a broken nose heals on it's own without it being fixed properly straight away. It felt like a relief to hear that it was actually broken, because it reassured me even more that I did good to get this done so that my nose could look like it should have looked. After that I showed the doctor my photoshopped before and after of how I wanted it to look, and the doctor said: 'this procedure with fillers is very well suitable for your nose and the results you're aiming for are realistic.' So I could litterally cry from joy! After discussing more details we scheduled my appointment for the next week.

The procedure & product they used
Before the procedure they explained one last time what they were going to use and how much product they were going to inject. We agreed on using 0,55 cc of Juvederm Volbella, as the nose is such a fragile area because of many vains, we couldn't use more at once.  Safety first! They first gave me an injection in the tip of my nose to make it numb. That was the worst of the entire procedure, it made my eyes tear up like crazy, but it only lasted 10 seconds and the numbing effects showed up immediately. Then they started injecting the filler from the tip of my nose, over the bump (which felt strange and annoying, not very painful) and they injected the filler above the bump and below the bump to create a straight line. As the bump on my nose was considered pretty severe, it took two sessions (a few weeks apart) to use a total of 1,1 cc in my nose. To give you an idea of how much that is: those tiny little tester perfumes you get are 1,5 ml/cc.🙈

How long will it last?
Unlike fillers in your lips, that usually dissolve within 8 months, fillers like Juvederm Volbella will last for 1,5 to 2 years in the nose. They say this type of filler is a lot more firm and it actually makes the skin and tissue in the nose adjust to it's new shape. So even after 2 years, it should still be visible. They adviced me to go for my first touch up after a year, but after that, you need less and less touch ups because the results last that long and the nose starts to take it's new shape.

How much does it cost? 
I googled multiple clinics and they all have different prices for different amounts of fillers, but one syringe is usually somewhere between 200 and 400 euros.

Why choose a non surgical nosejob with fillers over surgical rhinoplasty?
  • Most importantly: a surgical nosejob requires the nose to be broken and / or shaved down, so either way the bone gets damaged. It's unpredictable how damaged bones will heal.  The doctor who performed my procedure had her own nose surgically straightened and she said if she could turn it back and do it like me, she would. Her nose healed super straight, but much wider than what they were going for. And those results are permanent.
  • A hyaluronic based filler is not permanent. You can change the shape of your nose if you want and if you don't like the results at all, it will dissolve over time.
  • It doesn't require time to recover, you can get back to work the same day if you want. I persoally felt like my nose was bruised and swollen but there was no visible sign that I just had my nose done.
  • It takes a numbing product and a few minutes of work, whereas a surgery takes anasthesia (which has a big impact on your body) and weeks to recover. 
  • Costs: for me personally, I would rather spend around €300 euros every two years for as long as it's necessary to keep the new shape, than spend €4500 euros at once and not even have a guarantee that I'll like the final result.

Why this procedure is life changing for me
For over 10 years, I let that bump on my nose affect the way I felt when I looked in the mirror. I felt like I had a nose that wasn't supposed to be mine and that didn't fit my face. I let comments from others confirm my own thoughts about how ugly my nose was. Every day while doing my make up I'd look in the mirror and wish I never fell during that holiday or wish it would just simply go away. I would be super aware of the fact that people might stare at the bump on my nose while presenting in class, while working as a cashier with a long line of customers in front of me, or at social events when people would take pictures. In just 10 minutes time, everything I was embarrassed of for 10 years, changed. When I looked at my 'new' nose, I felt like I could leave my insecurities behind because no one would ever call me names anymore and when people see me, they would see ME first instead of my nose. Now I like to wear my hair up in a bun instead of covering my face with my hair. I like to wear little makeup or no makeup at all because I don't want to draw the attention away from my nose anymore. In my head it was probably bigger than it was to others, but for me, having that bump 'gone', makes a world of a difference. And that's exactly why I did it.

So here's my story, my personal pro's and cons and my before and after photos😊 If you read this till the end, I hope you found this interesting or helpful.😗